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The "Centro Enologico Mobile," today called Centro di Riferimento Enologico (or The Center for Enological Consultancy) is a company that provides a full range of winemaking services. Founded in Friuli in 1976 by Enologist Giuseppe Lipari, the Center was inaugurated with the construction of the first mobile bottling system in Italy, allowing wineries to bottle their wine on premise, as well as the opening of a laboratory designed for the chemical analysis of wine.
Over the years, the Center has grown and evolved, with the acquisition of new mobile bottling units, the expansion of the headquarters and the laboratory, and with the addition of new enologists.
The Pozzuolo del Friuli headquarters houses the administrative offices, the laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis, tasting room, cellar, and conference room.
The Center implements the safety practices prescribed by law, employing risk management measures and appropriate sanitary practices, and adopting the Haccp system in accordance with European Regulation 852/2004; The Center is equipped with its own Quality Manual.
Centro Riferimento Enologico