When choosing the equipment for our bottling units, our fundamental goal has always been to select systems that ensure a bottling that respects fully the characteristics of the product, the conservation of the wine and its stability over time.
Only efficient, technologically advanced equipment, administered by trained personnel, can give such a guarantee. Also necessary to this guaranteed is meticulous microbiological assessment, measuring of oxygen absorption levels and sanitizing all equipment with the use of vapor.
Thanks to the diversity of our six different bottling systems, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to a wide range of bottling needs.
We bottle both still and sparkling wines, and each unit is equipped as follows:
  • Lowering truck cab that allows for the bottling unit to rest at ground level, facilitating the use of the equipment.
  • Bottle rinser that prevents the risk of contamination caused by glass fragments, insects and other organisms.
  • Filler, isobaric for sparkling wines and low vacuum for still wines, equipped with an inert gas generator that allows for the injection of this gas into the bottle before filling, protecting the product from oxygen absorption.
  • Corker that allows for the regulation of the head space of the bottle and the injection of inert gas which inhibits the absorption of oxygen. Several systems are equipped with three-head corkers. Each truck has the possibility of applying the various closures (natural or synthetic straight cork, mushroom cork with wirehood, and screw caps).
  • Capper that applies all types of capsules, both thermal and rolled.
  • Inkjet marker used to print the lot number.
  • Label-applying machine that can apply single or multiple labels at once, both glue and self-adhesive. We can also apply the DOCG neck labels
  • Filters that allow for filtration through multiple layers as well as membrane filters that allow for a filtration of up to 0,45 micron.
  • Electric generator allowing for our units to be entirely autonomous.

Centro Riferimento Enologico